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Description of Hell from Quran and Hadith (Dr Abdullah Abdur Rahman)

Description of Hell from Quran and Hadith (Dr Abdullah Abdur Rahman)

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ISBN: 9960792013
Author: Dr Abdullah Abdur Rahman
Publisher: Abul Qasim Publishing House
Pages: 106 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Detailed aspects of the hellfire, as a warning to those who may commit sins, as well as for general knowledge. Taken from direct statements from the Qur'an and the sayings of the Prophet (pbuh), the "ahadith."

Table of Contents :

Its CreationGatesLevelsCapacity and DepthFuelIntensity of Its FireIts ShadeSparks of its FireNamesIts KeepersEffects upon the Present WorldGreat Number of InhabitantsSize of its InhabitantsSome of its InhabitantsCategories of its InhabitantsFoodDrinksGarmentsBeds and BedcoversYokes, Chains and MacesVariance in Degree of PenaltiesExamples of PunishmentsHospitalityRansoms Offered by Its Inhabitants and Attempts to Escape PunishmentDuration of Residence and PunishmentsSome Peoples' ExitsPleas and Supplications of its InhabitantsArguments and Disputes WithinConversations Between Its Inhabitants and the People of ParadiseThose Who Invite to ItMeans by Which to AvoidBibliography


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