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Book of Knowledge : Children of Adam (Shamshad A. Usmani)

Book of Knowledge : Children of Adam (Shamshad A. Usmani)

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ISBN: 9789830653174
Author: Shamshad A. Usmani
Publisher: A.S. Noordeen (2011)
Pages: 57 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Manís search of himself and the universe however continues. With a growing consciousness of human sensory limitations, the fallacy of application of human experience of time and space on earth to the whole universe is now apparent. Earth is not the center of the universe anyway. We continue to look beyond the human experience for universal knowledge more than ever before. Our growing attention to divine revelations in search of universal knowledge is therefore natural to humankind as modern science advances towards the unknown. Each new discovery by natural sciences ranging from functions of human organism to the ever expanding universe is so indefinite that we desperately turn to human faith in the divine revelations for universal truth.


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