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Political Book Series Set : 5 Books of Harun Yahya Plus 1 DVD

Political Book Series Set : 5 Books of Harun Yahya Plus 1 DVD

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ISBN: Multiple
Author: Harun Yahya
Publisher: Global Publishing
Pages: 1243 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Contains five books and one bonus DVD on the politic series from the well-travelled Turkish author – Harun Yahya.

1) The Winter of Islam and the Spring to Come

Lays bare the plight of innocent Muslims all over the world, and to invite people of conscience to consider this situation.

2) Communism in Ambush

Where was it born, how did it grow, and did it come to a complete end?

3) Only Love can Defeat Terrorism

Reveals, with quotations from the Qur'an, the New Testament and the Torah, that terrorism is a form of savagery condemned by all divine religions.

4) Communist China’s Policy of oppression in East Turkestan

The aim of this book is both to identify the basic causes of this communist oppression that has been going on all over China for more than half a century, to make the voice of the wronged people of East Turkestan heard, and once again to reiterate the urgency of the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Initiatives taken to allow the Muslims of East Turkestan to enjoy peace and security can only succeed if the fundamental causes of their oppression are documented and the requisite efforts are made together.

5) A Call to an Islamic Union

Deals with the Muslim world’s need for establishment of an Islamic Union and its importance for world peace in the light of the political, sociological and economic facts.

Bonus DVD – The Truth of the Life of this World


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