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The Ramadan Handbook (Jameel Syed, Eram Minhajuddin, Abdullah Babar Bokhari)

The Ramadan Handbook (Jameel Syed, Eram Minhajuddin, Abdullah Babar Bokhari)

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ISBN: none
Author: Jameel Syed, Eram Minhajuddin, Abdullah Babar Bokhari
Publisher: Fluid Visions/ Creative Marketing
Pages: 101 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This book was compiled to provide the general public with a hands-on reference guide for people of all backgrounds and knowledge levels to use during the holy month of Ramadan.

Table of Contents


Muslim Entrepreneurship: The Next Generation by Jameel A. Syed


Ramadan: Mercy like the Rain by Fareeha Khan

The Blessings of Ramadan by Parvez Ahmed

Muslim History

Reflections of the Past by Eram Minhaj Uddin

Inspirational Stories

Confidence by Omar Mahmood

A Union in Sujood by Jameel A. Syed


We by Sumayya Ahmed

Phoenix by Mohammad Sa'id Shukairy

Islam by Abdullah Babar Bokhari

Spore by Omaima Ali Bokhari


Ars Gratia Islam: Art for the Sake of Islam by Omaima Ali Bokhari

Ramadan Recipes from Around the World


Indo Pakistani


Middle Eastern

North Africa


Dua's to Recite During Ramadan

Ramadan Dos and Don'ts by Hafiz Ahmed M. Rabbani

Ramadan: Self Modification Checklist

Ramadan and Fasting: In the Light of the Quran and Sunnah compiled by HafizAhmed M. Rabbani & Abdullah Babar Bokhari


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