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Wisdom of our Prophet Workbook (Dr. Tasneema Ghazi, Rahayu Mohamad)

Wisdom of our Prophet Workbook (Dr. Tasneema Ghazi, Rahayu Mohamad)

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ISBN: 9781563161896
Author: Dr. Tasneema Ghazi, Rahayu Mohamad
Publisher: Iqra International Educational Foundation (May 2011)
Pages: 110 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This is the companion workbook of the textbook Wisdom of Our Prophet Muhammad (s). It has been written as part of the seerah and hadeeth syllabus for Grade Four students. This workbook has been developed keeping in mind recent research in the fields of brain development and learning theory. We hope that this unique book on the hadeeth of Rasulullah (s) will pave the way for lifelong love and devotion to the Prophet (s) in the hearts and minds of our children.

This workbook is to provide students with a tool for reinforcement of the material covered in the corresponding textbook. Both the Wisdom of Our Prophet textbook and workbook have been designed to instill love for the Messenger of Allah and devotion to his teachings in the student.

The exercises provided in this workbook are developed with an understanding of the abilities and interests of nine- and ten-year-olds. It is our hope that students will be able to grasp the concepts introduced by each lesson; insomuch as they will gain the literal and inferential comprehension of the textbook's lessons.

This workbook is an integral part of IQRA professionally-designed program of Islamic education. Itís recommended that teachers use this workbook in conjunction with its companion textbook as the school year progresses. This workbook is designed to provide students with important exercises in comprehension and critical thinking skills.


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