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The Dark Spell of Darwinism : How Darwinists Twist the Truth to Turn People Away from God (Harun Yahya)

The Dark Spell of Darwinism : How Darwinists Twist the Truth to Turn People Away from God (Harun Yahya)

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ISBN: 9789756426753
Author: Harun Yahya
Publisher: Global Publishing (March 2006)
Pages: 128 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Excerpt from the Book:In earlier sections, we showed how the theory of evolution affects people like a spell, handing them preconceived notions on which they base irrational, illogical beliefs beyond the realm of possibility. How can educated people who appear to be intelligent, with established careers, accept these unreal scenarios? How can they manage, with no definite proofs, to advocate this theory so vehemently and persuade others to believe it too? In short, how can they perpetuate the Darwinist spell? The answers lie with evolutionists' methods of suggestion and persuasion.Advanced science and technology have shown clearly that claims put forward by Darwinism are baseless and without proof, but the proponents of Darwinism still resort to various methods to support their theory. But if you ask how the theory of evolution has been so widely espoused despite its scientific invalidity, their attempts to answer are nothing more than powerful, delusive propaganda.We see this propaganda at work in every area of daily life. But not only today: Since the time evolutionists first proposed their theory, they have always used the same methods to get people to believe the unbelievable. In other words, this theory's being accepted doesn't imply that it has any scientific content. This is also pointed out by David Jeremiah in his foreword to The Long War Against God by Henry M. Morris, noted for his works demonstrating the invalidity of the theory of evolution:How did belief in Darwinism become so widespread when it was developed mainly by an apostate divinity student (Darwin), a lawyer (Lyell), an agriculturist (Hutton), a journalist (Chambers), and other non-scientists?There is only one answer to why the theory of evolution has become so widespread: because of special techniques, tactics and illusions of propaganda.In order to make themselves and others believe this idea, they cast a kind of spell using methods that we'll examine in detail in the following pages. Just like spell-casters, they use "magic" words to impress their delusions on people's minds; and hypnotize people with pictures and written texts that are impossible for laymen to understand. With all this, they keep people from thinking, investigating and researching for themselves. Just as a sorcerer looks for assistance in the various exotic props, complicated words and miniature texts used in casting a spell, evolutionists look to chance events, fossil bone structures and the impact of authoritative words and sentences. In this way, they attempt to influence people to accept preposterous inferences and to place them under the power of suggestion.Darwinists do everything in their power to perpetuate this dark spell. Afraid that people will see the truth that the theory of evolution is a myth and change their minds, they employ a persuasive image to convince people with what they say and write, how they appear and how they act. As pointed out earlier, this spell's suggestiveness spreads into every moment of our daily lives: in the morning newspaper, on billboards, in school textbooks, in films and television documentaries.It will be useful to show all the aspects of these methods of persuasion in order to bring them to people's attention; to help individuals become aware of the various scenes in the scenario enveloping the world they live in. In the following pages, we'll offer some examples of the main rules governing the evolutionists' use of the power of suggestion.


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