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The Victory Boys (Jamal Orme) Ages 8 to 12+

The Victory Boys (Jamal Orme) Ages 8 to 12+

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ISBN: 9780860374145
Author: Jamal Orme
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation (2011)
Pages: 98 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Junayd and his friends think madrasa is a waste of time, and older brother Saleem is fast becoming the black sheep of the family. That is, until the Imam of the mosque initiates an extra-curricular project outside his comfort zone. But can faith and football flourish side-by-side?


The boys hatch a planSilent celebrationsBlack sheepA sudden change of heartAn unexpected offerTaking chargeThe victory boysGeniusVictoryGlossaryAnd Many more....


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