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An Introduction to Understanding the Qur'an with Examples (Irfan Ahmad Khan)

An Introduction to Understanding the Qur'an with Examples (Irfan Ahmad Khan)

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ISBN: 9780980246926
Author: Irfan Ahmad Khan
Publisher: The Association for Qur'anic Understanding (2011)
Pages: 60 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:


In the Quran, it is God, the Lord of Humankind, Who is talking to God’s servants. It is an open book which invites each human to its reading. We are supposed to listen to the Divine Words attentively and strive to understand it. We can help each other in understanding the Book better and correct each other’s mistakes. But no one has the ability to communicate with us like God. According to me, interpreters and commentators do not have to remain standing between God and God’s servants.

I believe that understanding the Book is a continuing process – as the Prophet exclaimed: “its treasures will never be exhausted.’ We learn from earlier readers and keep moving. We understand our Text, in changing human situations and with our growing abilities and skills – as the progress in human knowledge and technology continues. The Prophet has a special status. But he emphasized believer’s direct relationship with the Book and placed his Sunnah (words and deeds) next to the Divine Book.

In a plural world where we have readers of other scriptures on e should know how to respect each other, how to learn from each other, and how to work together in this global village for out common good. The Quran itself claims to be the last edition of the Book, given to Moses, Jesus, and other messengers of God. We will request even the non-believers to give it a trial. Maybe they can see the possibility of its Divine origin!

Irfan Ahmad KhanMay 22, 2011The Association for Qur'anic Understanding


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