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Khadijah Goes to School : A Life Skills Book (Asim Hussain)

Khadijah Goes to School : A Life Skills Book (Asim Hussain)

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ISBN: 9780986909900
Author: Asim Hussain
Publisher: LogixPlayer Inc. (2011 / 1432 AH)
Pages: 27 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Khadijah goes to School is a story about You. It is presented in a graphical way that is fun and simple, yet native and direct. Through various elements, ideas about the “The Self” are presented. There is something in here for everybody. It’s an Ideas book. Join Khadijah on a journey. Come closer. Imagine being in Khadijah’s shoes for a moment, now experience the story – A story about You…

“This book is my ambassador to Canada, the United States and where ever else this book may go. This book shares experiences and tells stories. It’s a bridge builder, a device for communication and discussion, and is for all people. It serves as a perfect gift for our friends and neighbours across this nation.” Asim Hussain, author of Khadijah goes to School.Khadijah goes to School has many elements in it including:

1. Fun graphics with meaningful messages
2. Questions, it’s a resource!
3. Poetry
4. Thoughts
5. Creative elements
6. Psychology
7. Ideas

Khadijah goes to School has been classified by the Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publicationas a book about:1. Education–Social aspects. 2. Life skills. 3. Conduct of life.

Through ideas, thoughts and discussions, Khadijah goes to School aims to actas a resource of personal experiences relating to common themes that affect thevast majority of us. With this shared experience, Khadijah goes to School wishesyou will discover information for: helping yourself and helping other people™


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