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Allah Loves Me (Hadeel al Abasi) Ages 3 to 6

Allah Loves Me (Hadeel al Abasi) Ages 3 to 6

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ISBN: 9781933269085
Author: Hadeel al Abasi; Flua Nather (illustrator)
Publisher: Noorart Inc. (2010)
Pages: 20 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Allah loves me when I am... kind, reading, thankful, thinking, helping, brave, strong, giving... And I Love Allah...These words are accompanied by vivid illustrations presented by the creative writer Hadeel Al-Abasi. Her words touch children’s senses and thoughts. Allah Loves Me contains positive messages, and aims to create a kindred heart, high spirit and intelligent mind.

This 9" x 11" book is good for youngsters to learn about Allah (God).

Suitable for ages 4-8.


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