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Pearls of the Qur'aan (Moulana Habibur-Rahmaan Khairabadi)

Pearls of the Qur'aan (Moulana Habibur-Rahmaan Khairabadi)

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ISBN: 9789698863605
Author: Moulana Habibur-Rahmaan Khairabadi; Ismail Essack (translator)
Publisher: Zam Zam Publishers, Madrasah Arabia Islamia (November 2005)
Pages: 211 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Topics covered include:

The Qur’aan and the rights due to itRevelation of the Qur’aanDescription of the WahiSeverity of the WahiReason why the Qur’aan was revealed portion by portion at intervalsCompilation of the Qur’aan, its arrangement etc.The great service and achievement of Hadrat Uthman (rad)Eloquence and rhetoric of the Qur’aanThe effective power of the Qur’aanThe Qur’aan the most virtuous, noblest and lofties of all kitaabsThe Qur’aan and the Revealed BooksQur’aan and its mode of addressQur’aan the book of knowledge and wisdomPresentation of the subject matterPreservation of the Qur’aanVirtues of the Qur’aan and encouragement towards its recitationReward for recitation of the QuranCategories of persons according to their recitationGoodness and blessings in the home is due to the recitation of the Qur’aanThe Qur’aan a cure of all ailmentsVirtues of learning and teaching Qur’anThe recitation of the Qur’aan is the highest and noblest form of zhikrThe benefits and virtues of making Zikr.The gatherings of ZikrThe Qur’aan is a means by which person can gain proximity to Allah (swt)The intercession of the Qur’aan on the Day of QiyamatListening to the recitation of the Qur’aanThe important of reading the Qur’aan with tajweedReciting the Qur’aan in a beautiful and melodious voiceLove and attachment towards the Qur’aanReciting the Qur’aan with dedication, devotion and pietyMemorizing the Qur’aanEncouragement and efforts to memorize the Qur’aanThe virtues and honor of a HaafizWarning against learning the Qur’aan, and then forgetting itDua for memorizing the Qur’aanTo ponder and contemplate over the meaning of the Qur’aanPrerequisites and conditions for interpreting the Qur’aanPrerequisite to interpret the Qur’aanSelf-opinionated commentary of the Qur’aanThe different categories of the MufassereenBooks of TafseerConfer the Qur’aaan its due right and etiquette attributed to itAadaab (etiquette) of recitationThe Zhaahiry (apparent and outer) AadaabThe Baatiny (inner) AadaabWhich time is best for Tilaawat?In how many days should the Qur’aan be completed?Procedure and etiquette of completing the Qur’aanDu’a on the completion of the Qur’aanMiscellaneous Masa’il pertaining to the Qur’aanWhat to read after specific ayatsVirtues of various Surat and ayat and their specialty


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