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Inspirations, Visions & Bay'at (Moulana Muhammad Iqbal)

Inspirations, Visions & Bay'at (Moulana Muhammad Iqbal)

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ISBN: 9789694284279
Author: Moulana Muhammad Iqbal; Moulana Ebrahim Muhammad (translator)
Publisher: Darul Ishaat Pakistan (2009)
Pages: 182 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

This book is a collection of several titles written by Moulana Muhammad Iqbal. The first title is What is Ilham? Ilham or inspiration is the knowledge inspired in the heart without any effort or learning. Mujaddid Alfe Thani writes that ilham is related to things unseen. Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi, the mujaddid of this century, writes,The reality of ilham is that a thought is placed in the heart directly without any pondering or deduction or it is the sound of the unseen.

This book explores the different aspects of ilham.

The second title is called, What is Kashf?

The normal person only sees those things which are visible in front of him. However, there are some people who see conditions, incidents and wonders which are behind the material curtains of this world. They see these things as if they are lying in front of them. When the curtains and veils of the other realm are removed, it is called kashf (visions).

The third title is What is Bayat? This title examines the different types of bayat and the resulting implications.

The fourth title is The Islamic Perspective of Loans. The virtues of giving loans, the importance of giving a loan and the importance of paying off a loan is discussed among other topics.

The fifth title is, The Blessings of Surah Sajdah and Mulk. As the title suggests, this title explores the various virtues of these two surahs of the Quran.


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