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The Reason Why Islam Prohibits the Consumption of Intoxicants (Haji Ibrahim Ma)

The Reason Why Islam Prohibits the Consumption of Intoxicants (Haji Ibrahim Ma)

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ISBN: 9789833617791
Author: Haji Ibrahim Ma
Publisher: Saba Islamic Media (May 2007)
Pages: 30 Binding: Saba Islamic Media

Description from the publisher:

Excerpt from the Booklet:

A. What is an intoxicant?

Anything that ones drinks, eats, smokes, or injects into one’s body which makes one bewildered and irrational in an intoxicant.

I have observed a man swallow a quarter of a glass of whiskey and soda in one breath and the whites of his eyes become blood-shot just a few seconds later. This tells me how fast the nerves of the body are strongly affected by the intoxicant.

No doctor would advise his patients to take medicine with wine or liquor.

The Chinese Materia Medica, a 52-volume work written by Lee Shih Ch’en of the Ming dynasty is universally known by the medical world and tells us firmly that:

“Wine is harmful to energy, to the stomach. It thinks the blood, hardens the nerves and consequently shortens the life. It is also the cause of anger and ill-desired behavior.”

I believe that modern physicians surely cannot have opinions conflicting with those of the venerable Dr. Lee Shih Ch’en had 600 years ago, but they may find many other additional harmful results for intoxicants with the aid of up-to-date scientific research.


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