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Shaping Excellent Character : A Manual for Parents (Muhammad al' Mahdi)

Shaping Excellent Character : A Manual for Parents (Muhammad al' Mahdi)

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ISBN: 983938452X
Author: Muhammad al' Mahdi
Publisher: Saba Islamic Media
Pages: 102 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:


Please do not think this is simply a book on how to be a more effective parent. This book is the first step on the way to a future much better than the world of today. In today’s world we have war, murder, rape, illegal drug sale and use, robbery, violence of all kinds, exploitation, pollution, corruption, starvation, illiteracy, sexual immorality, addictions to various harmful substances, and many other social problems. Not only do these wrongs exist in our world, but these combined wrongs occur billions and billions of times every day. This is not the world God meant for us to have, and we have no intention of allowing these horrors, both great and small, to continue ruining the lives of our children.

The knowledge and techniques presented in this small booklet are very powerful; and, if correctly and consistently used, truly can aid parents in raising their children to become good and true members of human society, who can succeed academically and professionally in the modern world without losing their belief in or their practice of traditionally held moral values. This is the first offering of the Khalifah Institute.

The goal of this project is to offer the people of Malaysia viable means to improve the character of the nation’s youth so significantly that Malaysia will come to be known as such an excellent example of what a good and right society should be that we will serve as a model of social development for all the world’s nations. To achieve the fullness of its potential success this project must come to belong to all the people of Malaysia, regardless of race or religion.


Children are a sacred trust given by God to their parents. We believe that every child is born in a state of purity. It is his parents, and later other social influences, that will largely determine what kind of person the child will become as an adult.It has been said that, a child is like an uncut diamond. The parent's responsibility is to cut, shape, and polish their child's soul until it becomes a glitteringly beautiful jewel, pleasing in the sight of God. Clearly, it is mainly the parents who determine whether their children will become of excellent character or not.Every parent wishes to raise their children to become noble souls, good in every way; but, many do not know how to achieve that goal in an effective manner.

There are two primary requirements:

  • Parents need to know the laws of learning by which a child's character or personality is developed.

  • Parents must themselves possess right values that will act as the basis for shaping their children's character; these right values are the traditional values of all the world's religions, and children must be raised to understand their responsibility to God in this world to grow into adults who are good and right in every way.

    By combining these two necessary aspects of character development, parents will be able to shape their children to be excellent individuals in this world and the next.

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