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Spoken Arabic Made Easy (Amanullah Vadakkangara)

Spoken Arabic Made Easy (Amanullah Vadakkangara)

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ISBN: 9788178985012
Author: Amanullah Vadakkangara
Publisher: Goodword Books (2010)
Pages: 160 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

A unique course in spoken Arabic for beginners helps you to practice reading, writing and speaking in just one month. The introduction of useful phrases and structures along with a communicative approach will enable all language learners to acquire the necessary skills, even without the assistance of a teacher.

About the author(s):Amanullah VadakkangaraAmanulla Vadakkangara, the former head of the department of Arabic at Ideal Indian School, Doha has tried his level best to present the grammar topics in a convincing manner. Easy to remembe...


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