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For Whom the Troubadour Sings (Dawud Wharnsby)

For Whom the Troubadour Sings (Dawud Wharnsby)

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ISBN: 1847740113
Author: Dawud Wharnsby
Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd. (2009)
Pages: 146 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Dawud Wharnsby Ali's unconventional approaches to writing and religion challenge paradigms of how we look at our own lives in relation to others and the world through which we all journey.

This book collects together all the lyrics that have inspired communities of all faiths around the world for over two decades. Dawud’s work as a writer, inspired in part by his deep respect for spiritual scriptures and the Qur'an in particular.About The AuthorDawud Wharnsby Ali A third generation Canadian with Scottish and English roots, Dawud Wharnsby's recordings and reputation have established him as an institution in the realm of English language Nasheed (spiritual songs of a world-rhythm/folk style, drawn from Islamic cultural and musical roots). In true folk-song tradition, his writings have taken on a life of their own - spreading far beyond officially targeted territories by way of a bootleg industry which circulates his recordings unofficially and uncontrollably throughout the world. Though distribution of Wharnsby's material is difficult to gage, his efforts have spawned an artistic movement and musical industry of young artists hailing from Los Angeles, London, Jakarta and all stops in between.


“Dawud Wharnsby’s poems are the very essence of a spiritual journey – words for our minds and words for our hearts.”- Tariq Ramadan


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