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Arabic for Beginners : Kindergarten KG Level, Part 1 (Mona Hemid)

Arabic for Beginners : Kindergarten KG Level, Part 1 (Mona Hemid)

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ISBN: None
Author: Mona Hemid
Publisher: Universal Academy of Florida, The Printing Press of Florida
Pages: 135 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The Universal Academy of Florida's Arabic for Beginners series is among the nation's most well respected and used for Islamic elementary schools and individuals. Incorporating attractive layout, nice designs, relevant text, engaging presentation, and more, they have become an oft-recommended series for Islamic school basic Islamic studies curriculum recommended textbooks.

• Emphasis on word construction, spelling and reading.• Reference Section• Picture Glossary• Islamic Songs• Review SectionPublisher: Universal Academy of FloridaLanguage: Arabic and EnglishDimensions: (9"x 11")Pages: 135Edition: Paperback


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