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How Do We Thank Allah? (Hanan Wahbe) Ages 6 to 8+

How Do We Thank Allah? (Hanan Wahbe) Ages 6 to 8+

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ISBN: 9780982496411
Author: Hanan Wehbe and Illustrated by Azra Momin
Publisher: Creative Education and Publishing
Pages: 11 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The series of Little Fida reflects on the life of a five year old girl living with her Middle Eastern family in a Western country. Most stories from the Middle East do not relate to children who have grown up in a new society. As a result, there is no connection with their current environment and hence there is a need to overcome this. In this series, we are trying to fill the gap between the family's original culture and their adopted culture through short stories, which maintain their religious beliefs, values, and traditions.


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