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Surah Yasin : Text, Translation and Commentary (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Surah Yasin : Text, Translation and Commentary (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

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ISBN: 9789834361440
Author: Abdullah Yusuf Ali (translator)
Publisher: Dar al Wahi Publication (2009)
Pages: 73 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This surah is devoted to the Holy Prophet and the revelation which was revealed to him. This surah is considered to be "the heart of the Quran". This surah is regarded with special reverence, and is recited in times of adversity, illness, fasting and on the approach of death.Generally Ya Sin is said to be an abbreviation of "0 man!" Even if it is true it refers to the "perfect man", the leader of men, sent by Allah to guide man in all ages, the Holy Prophet.In the Quran, the Holy Prophet has been mentioned by the names of Muhammad, Ahmad, Abdullah, Ya Sin, Nur, Ta Ha, Muzzamil and Muddaththir. The Holy Ahl ul Bayt are referred to as ali Ya Sin, the children of "Ya Sin" (the Holy Prophet).


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