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Darryl and the Mountain (Lynne Emily Ozgur) Ages 6 to 8+

Darryl and the Mountain (Lynne Emily Ozgur) Ages 6 to 8+

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ISBN: 9781597841382
Author: Lynne Emily Ozgur
Publisher: Tughra Books (2009)
Pages: 33 Binding: Hardcover

Description from the publisher:

Darryl the deer embarks on a perilous mountain journey and learns about respect and being positive in this entertaining and educational tale. When Darryl’s mother asks him to find a special medicinal plant thought to grow on the other side of the mountains, he readily agrees, eager to help his family. Freddy, an overly competitive and adventurous fox decides to tag along and attempts to turn every aspect of the trip into a chance to prove his courage, but Darryl is too smart to fall for his selfish traps and carelessness. By acknowledging the value of feedback, the wisdom of elders, and the benefit of a positive outlook, Darryl is able to avoid unpleasantness with the scary and unfriendly animals he meets and return home safely. Freddy, on the other hand, faces serious obstacles due to his arrogant behavior and finds his homecoming tainted by remorse and a hurt sense of pride.

Lynne Emily Ozgur is a writer and biologist. She lives in Freehold, New Jersey. Ismail Abay is a staff illustrator for Gonca, a monthly Turkish children’s magazine.


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