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Candida : English and Arabic : Facing Page Format (George Bernard Shaw)

Candida : English and Arabic : Facing Page Format (George Bernard Shaw)

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ISBN: None
Author: George Bernard Shaw
Publisher: Dar al Bihar (2004)
Pages: 237 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Bilingual English-Arabic version of the “Candida”.Dual language books. The English and Arabic pages are facing each other, matching one-on-one with English on the left page, Arabic on the right page. Easy reference for individuals not strong in one of the languages. Well known fiction titles for different interests and levels.Description of Book:

"Morell is a clergyman who is married to a brilliant woman, Candida. She is really responsible for much of his success. When the play opens she is returning from a vacation with her children. She brings along with her a handsome young poet, Marchbanks. Marchbanks is in love with Candida, and he tells Morell that she deserves something more than mere complacency from her husband. Morell orders the poet to leave, but at that moment Candida comes in and treats him kindly, inviting him to stay. Morell begins to have doubts; he seems old and tired.

He decides that he must leave the two alone together while he speaks at a meeting. When he returns, it seems that Candida and Marchbanks have grown even closer. The men quarrel and demand that she choose between them. Candida decides that she must choose the man who needs her most, her husband.

These special, condensed novels are intended for English speakers to learn Arabic, by reading side by side versions of these simplified famous novels.


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