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Muslim Children's Budget Book Set 1 Ages 5 to 7+

Muslim Children's Budget Book Set 1 Ages 5 to 7+

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Author: various
Publisher: American Trust Publications
Pages: 75 Binding: paperback

Description from the publisher:

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1). Grandma's Garden - Young children will be able to relate to Zahra and Ghusen’s closeness to their grandmother, who they visit each summer and assist in tending her garden. When Grandma falls sick and passes away, the children are faced with realizing what this really means: that Grandma will never return, but they can continue to help her, by praying for her and cultivating the seeds of goodness that she planted, both in her garden and in themselves. This short, illustrated story provides Muslim youth with a gentle, yet important, exposure to the reality of death and what it means in the grand scheme of Islamic beliefs. This beautifully redone title with full-color illustrations makes an excellent gift for children. Retails for $7.25

2). We Are Muslims - Songs and Verses for Muslim girls and boys. Compiled by Saida Chaudhry. This book comprises of a number of songs and poems alongwith colorful illustrations which together teach our children how to have fun "the Islamic way". The poems are about Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and another section of poems is about us and the life around us. A concluding section gives ideas on how to sing the songs and play games with them as well. Retails for $8.35

3). ABC Rhymes - ABC Rhymes for Young Muslims - Is your child ready to learn the ABC's? Why not start with A is for Allah' instead of A is for Apple'? This colorful book serves as a valuable educational aid for the preschooler learning the English alphabet. Children will learn the alphabet along with basic facts about Islam. Each letter is accompanied by an Islamic term and a short, lively poem. Retails for $4.95

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