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Muslim Children's Budget Book Set 2 Ages 5 to 7+

Muslim Children's Budget Book Set 2 Ages 5 to 7+

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Author: various
Publisher: American Trust Publications
Pages: 100 Binding: paperback

Description from the publisher:

Compare and Save. Included in this Children's value Book Set 2:

1). The Hajj Adventures of Jamila and Fasfoose - Fasfoose accompanies Jamila on a real Hajj Adventure! A sequel to the wonderfully creative Ramadan Adventures of Fasfoose Mouse. Jamila invites Fasfoose on a very interesting journey to Makkah, and learns a very valuable lesson about how Allah gives the gift of senses, feelings and thought for us to use wisely in order to choose the right path, and to trust our inner feelings.

2). The Awakening by Lisa Kaaki. The story of a Muslim boy who learns to appreciate the value of life the hard way. He is transformed, becoming a tree, a rose, and a stone, before he realizes the beauty of life as a human being.

3). Cheng Ho’s Voyage by Clyde-Ahmad Winters. Cheng Ho, a Chinese Muslim, is entrusted by his father to deliver a gold-leafed Qur’an to Abdullah Khang Ching. Sailing on his father's boat to deliver this special treasure, Cheng Ho's love for butterflies leads him to stray from his path along the river. The tests and trials that he meets as a result, and the outcome of his adventure, teach Cheng Ho many lessons--particularly that of honoring his responsibilities and the guiding words of his parents. Noura Durkee's imaginative pen-and-ink drawings are a visual gateway to another culture.

4). Animals in Islam by Aisha Lemu. Teaches children about the wonder of Allah's creation, and respect for and appreciation of the animal world. Beautiful watercolor-and-ink illustrations bring to life the proper relationship between animals and humans, and our responsibility for the creatures with whom we have been entrusted.

5). Call to Prophethood - An introduction to Prophet Muhammad's call to prophethood. Colorfully illustrated and easy to read, it helps your child understand the essence of prophethood. One of the few books for children using explanations from Qur'anic ayahs to convey this Islamic concept.

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