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Muslim Children's Budget Book Set 4 Ages 5 to 7+

Muslim Children's Budget Book Set 4 Ages 5 to 7+

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Author: various
Publisher: American Trust Publications
Pages: 80 Binding: paperback

Description from the publisher:

Compare and Save. Included in this Children's value Book Set 4:

1). Tarek - Madame Rose finds Tarek, the hero of this fascinating story, sleeping in front of the Eiffel tower. A young Muslim in Europe, Tarek is lost in Paris, separated from his family. He has lost his memory, and is thus suffering from temporary amnesia. Tarek sets out to look for his parents, and his adventure takes him across France into Spain. Through Tarek’s example, your child will learn about patience in the face of trouble and danger. Tarek is a boy of strength and faith; his example convinces even his non-Muslim acquaintances of the beauty of Islam.

2). The Jinn in the Clock by Juwairiah Simpson. After Friday prayers in the Town of the Red Mosque, Duwairig the storyteller, a kind and helpful Muslim, always visits the family of Zaid and his parents. Zaid always coaxes a story out of him, stories that help the children to appreciate what it means to be a good Muslim. This time it is the story of how he helped a poor widow collect a mysterious inheritance. This beautifully-illustrated story is filled with lessons for young readers, as it emphasizes the importance of inculcating Islamic teachings in children, in a fast-paced adventure of mystery and discovery. Perfect for Muslim youth.

3). Karavan: Tales and Plays for Children (Revised edition) - This delightful book will appeal to both boys and girls. Its four stories and two plays subtly teach Islamic concepts without being preachy. The Boy Who Laughed, featured on the new cover, is the hero of a 66-page adventure that is itself worth the price of the book. Recommended especially for leisure reading, but also good for classroom use. Islamic juvenile literature at its best!


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