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Muslim Children's Budget Book Set 5 Ages 5 to 7+

Muslim Children's Budget Book Set 5 Ages 5 to 7+

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Author: various
Publisher: American Trust Publications
Pages: 90 Binding: paperback

Description from the publisher:

Compare and Save. Included in this Children's value Book Set 5:

1). When I Grow Up by Ediba Kezzeiz - A young child's contemplation of future occupations -what I'll be when I grow up from an Islamic perspective. In this colorfully illustrated story a brother and sister discuss all of the things that they can be when they grow up.

2). Muslim Names by Fatima Suzan Al-Ja’fari This compact book features female and male Muslim names from which to choose when naming a newborn. It provides the Arabic spelling of each name, along with the transliteration and translation in Arabic. It also features an explanation of the transliteration and pronunciation of Arabic letters and of the usage of symbols. Muslim Names serves as an excellent resource for parents when undertaking the important responsibility of giving their children a good Islamic name with a worthy meaning.

3). Inside and Under the World of Wonder - Beautifully illustrated children's book about the wonder of Allah's creation. A first reader with lively rhyme that teaches about the beauty of God's creation. Your beginning-reader children should be able to read the large type and easy language on their own! Watercolor illustrations.

4). Surprise in Mommy's Tummy - Hany's and Hend's mother is expecting a baby, and the children are naturally curious. This illustrated storybook introduces the miracles of pregnancy and birth from the perspective of Islamic values. Delightful book introduces young children with the concept of childbirth, in a wholesome, Islamic manner. By learning Allah's role in pregnancy, children ask questions to their mother and father, who answers them beautifully with simple, clear examples. Engaging storyline for younger kids. Excellent for usage in discussing the miracle of life with small kids.


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