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Maqasid Al Shariah : A Beginner's Guide (Jasser Auda)

Maqasid Al Shariah : A Beginner's Guide (Jasser Auda)

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ISBN: 9781565644403
Author: Jasser Auda
Publisher: The International Institute of Islamic Thought 2008
Pages: 65 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Current applications (or rather, misapplications) of Islamic law are reductionist rather than holistic, literal rather than moral, one-dimensional rather than multi-dimensional, binary rather than multi-valued, deconstructionist rather than reconstructionist, and caused rather than teleological.

A Maqasidi approach takes juridical issues to a higher philosophical ground, and hence, overcomes (historical) differences over politics between Islamic schools of law, and encourages a much-needed culture of conciliation and peaceful coexistence. Moreover, the realization of purposes should be the core objective of all fundamental linguistic and rational methodologies of ijtihad, regardless of their various names and approaches. Thus, the validity of any ijtihad should be determined


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