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Little Illustrated Series 10 Booklets (Set) Ages 4 to 6+

Little Illustrated Series 10 Booklets (Set) Ages 4 to 6+

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ISBN: multiple
Author: multiple
Publisher: American Trust Publications
Pages: 100 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

This series provides a simple, black & white introduction to the life of the Prophet (pbuh) in multiple small booklets. Children will learn the cultural background, family history, and Islamic teachings of the Prophet (pbuh) through reading these illustrated classics.

Book 1 Hashim, Son of Abdumuna

Book 2 AbdulMuttalib

Book 3 Abdullah And Amina

Book 4 The Birth Of The Prophet

Book 5 Haleema Of Bani Saad

Book 6 The Orphan

Book 7 Khadeeja The Daughter Of Khuwaylid

Book 8 The Revelation

Book 9 The Early Muslims

Book 10 The Persecution

These booklets are usually sold for $1.95 each.


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