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Intercession and the Recital of Mowlid (M. Farook Najmadeen)

Intercession and the Recital of Mowlid (M. Farook Najmadeen)

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ISBN: 9789834361433
Author: M. Farook Najmadeen
Publisher: Dar Al Wahi Publication (2008)
Pages: 100 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

A small cross section of Muslims believe that every person has the ability to ask directly from Allah and that an intermediary is not required to intercede with Allah on their behalf. Using evidence from the Holy Quran and Hadith this book explains the Truth relating to who are eligible to ask Allah directly and also sets out to identify those persons that Allah himself has given permission to intercede.

Learned scholars al Al Azhar University, Cairo have reviewed the material in this book and this institution has given its approval to the contents of this book. To quote an excerpt from their approval “….we would like to inform that the above mentioned book does not carry anything to contradict with the Islamic creed and there is no objection to publish this book”.

The inspiration for this book came when questions were put to a Fakir, who was giving discourse to a group of people.

“Why are people distracted in mind while in the midst of performing Salath?”

“Who are eligible to ask directly from Allah?”

It is the authors' intention to bring light and truth to a question that has been shrouded with confusion and misunderstanding. Inshallah. May we all be guided to the truth.


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