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Stories of Great Muslims (Kh. A. Haye) Ages 10 to Adult

Stories of Great Muslims (Kh. A. Haye) Ages 10 to Adult

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ISBN: 0892590203
Author: Kh. A. Haye
Publisher: American Trust Publications (1999)
Pages: 85 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

The establishment of Pakistan has stimulated world interest in Muslims and Islam, and it is evident that there are many people who would like to know more about the great characters of Muslim history. It is for such readers that Dr. Haye has written the sketches of some of the notable figures of Islam which make up this volume. In it he presents a galaxy of Muslim luminaries from the founder of Islam down to the architect of Pakistan. The range which he covers is wide and varied. It includes Caliphs, Martyrs, Generals, Jurists, Scholars, Divines, Saints, Reformers, Statesmen, and Liberators. The short accounts which the author has given of the lives and achievements of these great men form a valuable introduction to the cultural history of Islam such as could be read with benefit both by the younger generation of Muslims and the public at large. It is hoped that the book will interest the reader sufficiently to make him study further literature on the subject.

-M. M. Ahmad(Lt. Colonel),M.A., LL.B. )Alig),D. Phil. (Marburg),Chief Education Officer,Pakistan Military Academy

Kakul, 4th April 1950


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