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Handy Bidet

Handy Bidet



Publisher/Manufacturer: Halalco Supermarket
Product specifications: Handy Bidet
Item type: Bidet

Product description:

This chrome shower kit is easy to install in your existing flush tank source with no expensive professional plumbing support. The kit includes a connector with an integrated flow control valve, a nylon reinforced hose with a trigger operated spray, a wall bracket to hang up sprayer after use.Kit comes with the following:• Stainless steel shower spray• Stainless steel flexible hose• Stainless steel connector to connect to water tank• Plastic chrome wall bracket with wall screwsUsing water has long been accepted as a healthier, more comfortable and cleaner option than abrasive toilet paper. Handy Spray is an ideal product for every home, it's easy to install, simple to use and environmentally friendly.Please note that the connection & thread on this bidet is made to work on US/North American toilets. We can not ship this internationally.Handy Spray Bidets benefit and provide comfort especially for:• Personal Hygiene• Pregnancy and postpartum hygiene• Hemorrhoids Diarrhea and Dysentery• Feminine Hygiene• Chronic Urinary Tract Infections (Cystitis and Urethritis)• Constipation• Elderly and Physically-Challenged


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