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My First Phonics Sound Puzzle

My First Phonics Sound Puzzle

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Desi Doll Company
Product specifications: Wooden Sound Puzzle - includes 2 AAA Batteries
Item type: Wooden Sound Puzzle

Product description:

Give your child a head start in phonics

Lift and replace the pieces to hear the pure phonic sounds of the lettersFun pictures with sound effects - learning phonics becomes fun!You'll be amazed at the learning possibilities for your child with their First Phonics Sound Puzzle

Replace the pieces to hear- The phonic sound of the letter- The name of an animal or object beginning with the sound- A fun sound effect relating to the picture- The Alphabet song using phonics sounds rather than letter names

Learning objectives- Encourages children to learn the pure phonic sounds of the letters- Encourages listening skills- Encourages new vocabulary, 24 fun words associated with the phonic sound- Encourages correct letter formation, children can trace over the textured glitterletters, starting at the dot and moving in the direction of the arrow- Encourages independent play- Encourages hand-eye coordination

Suitable for children aged 3+ years

Made from high quality wood

Includes 2 x AAA batteriesComes with a Parents/Teachers guide


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