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Building a Loving Muslim Family (8 DVD set) Ahmad Sakr

Building a Loving Muslim Family (8 DVD set) Ahmad Sakr

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Meccacentric Da'Wah Group
Product specifications: DVD -Approximate Running Time 13 Hours
Item type: DVD

Product description:

Dr. Ahmad Sakr, a dedicated social worker in Islam, gives valuable advice for family-building according to the Qur'an and Sunnah. This comprehensive two-day seminar in Orlando, Florida covers many pertinent topics that can serve as a guideline for any Muslim couple seeking to infuse their marriage with more spirituality and blessings. What are family values built upon in Islam and how do we protect the family? Do we realize the importance of the extended family, the need for social activities and the power of turning to Allah through dua? And are we really interested in the Islamic solution to the problems within our home? This structured and very practical presentation will help the husband and wife to take steps towards a happy and peaceful homelife by building a solid foundation based on the Islamic values of respect, courtesy, gratitude, humility and patience. Other topics discussed: death and dying, divorce, abortion, adoption, sorrogate mothers, the etiquette of giving zakat, empty talk, Islamic arbitration, courtship before marriage, having pure intention, not cursing people, istikara, children as a source of joy, and companionship in Paradise.


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