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The Last Message of God (DVD) A Film by Mujtaba Roozbahani

The Last Message of God (DVD) A Film by Mujtaba Roozbahani

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Mujtaba Roozbahani
Product specifications: DVD
Item type: DVD

Product description:

Michael is a young man born and living in New York who starts to question his life and the meaning of things. Like most of us, he wants to know if there is a God? If so, Why did god create us and just what is the meaning of life? All profound questions that most people tuck away in the recesses of their soul feeling incapable of answering. Michael, However, Decides to embark on a quest to find if there is anybody who actually knows what we are living for; traveling to different countries and immersing himself in different cultures to learn about their religions and to find some answers.

Genres:Inspirational | Documentary | Foreign Films | History

Director:Mujtaba Roozbahani

Starring:Michael C. Boyne

Duration:61 mins

Studio:Mujtaba Roozbahani

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