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Understanding the Janazah (DVD) Muslim Burial Procedure Explained in Depth

Understanding the Janazah (DVD) Muslim Burial Procedure Explained in Depth



Publisher/Manufacturer: Ajmal Pictures
Product specifications: DVD; Running time 54 mins; Not rated; English Stereo; Color; Widescreen; printed in USA
Item type: DVD

Product description:

Understanding the Janazah is a must-have for every Muslim family. this educational docudrama video is astonishing, and it represents groundbreaking work in the training for religious communities alike, in regards to the burial process and procedures in accordance with the islamic rituals and rites.

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Preparing for death is not easy, and most of us are not ready when the time comes, but in this video, Understanding the janazah, we are guided in practical steps towards proper care for our deceased, starting from the moment the last breath leaves the body, and through the entire process, until the moment the loved ones walk away from the grave.


  • 3D Animation
  • Step-by-Step Procedures
  • Terminology Glossary
  • Sample of Islamic Will
  • Footnotes and References
  • Janzah Supplications
  • 'The Moment of Death' a lecture by Ahmad Khan

    Arabic -English - Chinese - French - Indonesian - Russian - Spanish - Urdu

    Testimonials --

    Antar Hanif - Independent Filmmaker, Baltimore, MD‘This video brings Islamic knowledge into the 21st century. I highly recommend this as a purchase for all Muslim households because as Allah has promised us, ‘Every soul shall taste death’.”

    Farzad Wafapoor - Independent Filmmaker, Saint Louis, MO"In less than an hour, I learned the importance and the step-by-step processes of Janazah."

    Cary Carpenter – Building Contractor, Hagerstown, MD"Riveting & Informative. Tobing produces a masterpiece that blends the Sunnah with high quality visuals and audio on Understanding the Janazah. With this project, Tobing has cemented himself as an Islamic producer on the rise."

    Etrika – Architect, Bali, Indonesia"This video is very useful and informative to answer our questions about step by step of how to arrange the Janazah. May this video lead us to the right way, Insha-Allah."Firdaus Kadir – Financial Accountant, Silver Spring, MD“No one is prepared for emergency, this video would help…”

    Imam Faizul Khan, Imam and Shura Council for ISNA, Silver Spring, MD“Muslims will certainly respond favorably to the sincerity and the forthrightness of this video. It will have an important role in religious studies classroom. It addresses an important topic which members of no religious community can ignore."

    Jeffery Kramer – Independent Filmmaker, Bowie, MD“Harris shows the sensitivity and provides the information needed to help bereaved families with decisions they need to make in the death of their loved one.”

    Amir Tauheed – Audio Engineer, Baltimore, MD“This is a much needed tool. No step was left unexplained. Many Muslims don’t know how to do a Janazah from beginning to end.”

    Prima Amanda – Animator, Jakarta, Indonesia“Educational and informative!”

    Muhammad R. Elhabashy, Real Estate Agent, Columbia, MD“I found this product informative, entertaining, and very much needed for any Muslim community, here in the US and abroad. It provides critical information that every Muslim needs to know, in a friendly and direct approach.”

    Iliad A. Terra, Architect/Artist, Potomac, MD"Thanks for creating this film Harris. Each and every one of us will eventually come to an end in this journey here on Earth, and I think it is a very noble effort on your part to offer help and guidance for your fellow brothers and sisters to make this passage easier and spiritually whole. Your film is mindful and considerate yet educational. Good work!"

    Tahreema Ali, Program Coordinator, Office of Sheikh Yusuf Estes, Silver Spring, MD“...easy to follow step by step instructions."

    Abu Iman, Design & Build Contractor, Olney, MD"Finally an Islamic film/documentary that is done with great quality and with clear understanding. ALHAMDULILLAH!"

    Zarinah Shakir, Television Producer/Host, Washington, DC“The janazah process is so important for the Muslim. This filmic presentation is long overdue. Every masjid should introduce this in orientation classes for new shahada’s (Muslims) and all of us preparing for this eventual transition. In an effort to be knowledgeable and prepared all Muslims and non-Muslim family members should have this in their video library and take time to view it.”

    Carolina Rodriguez Garcia, Language Translator - Spanish, Washington, DC''It has been an amazing cultural trip.''

    Donald V. Borgwardt, Funeral Director of Borgwardt Funeral, Beltsville, MD“Well done! We support this much needed video for the general public to know and learn.”

    Imam Safi Khan, Imam for Dar-us-Salaam, College Park, MD“A video that is ‘Educational & Inspirational’ – It brings death alive into our hearts.”

    Jawaad Abdul Rahman, Community Activist, Potomac, MD"The reality of death is something every community has to deal with though many are not equipped. How does the burial process work? What are the religious requirements? What are the responsibilities of the family? This film fills a need, looking at some of these questions and offering a starting point for a discussion on this important subject."

    Imam Mohamed Magid, VP of ISNA, Executive Director/Imam for ADAMS Center, Reston, VA“Teachers and Imams should use this video in the issues of janazah as guidance and preparation. This video addresses one of the most important issues of death, and it is one of the highest quality video on janazah that I have seen. It is professionally produced and clear for anybody to learn the procedures of the janazah.

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