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Lifting the Fog : Intrigue in the Middle East (DVD)

Lifting the Fog : Intrigue in the Middle East (DVD)

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Publisher/Manufacturer: MPI Media Group 2002
Product specifications: Color & B/W; Approximately 90 minutes
Item type: Documentary DVD

Product description:

This is a documentary using both actors playing historical characters and real people such as author and linguistic Noam Chomsky, former Assistant Secretary of State Richard Murphy, Dr. Elsah Habbash, author and literature professor Edward Said, magazine editor Chaim Shur, Israeli spokesman for the U.N. David Siegel and Peace organization activist and media analyst Michael Schiffer.

This documentary gives a historical perspective on the problems that were faced in the Middle East, in 1991 and still has much bearing on today's problems in that region of the world. Through archival footage and use of the actors and others and maps it gives how the creation of fictional nation states not only contributed to and exuberated the problems in that region of the world. Written by Peter J. Bradfield


“Lifting the Fog - Intrigue in the Middle East uncovers the veil of secrecy surrounding this historically volatile region. The ABC news documentary provides a comprehensive investigation of Middle Eastern history, Arab-Israeli relations, U.S.-Middle Eastern policies, Palestinian history, the history of Arab unity, and more. Highlights include a revealing look at the raw details of political power plays, an examination of the area's powerful religious forces, and the oil wealth which created conflicts and has influenced development in this important part of the world.” ~ Sally Barber, All Movie Guide


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