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Al-Bukhari (DVD) A Movie on the Great Hadith Compiler of Islam

Al-Bukhari (DVD) A Movie on the Great Hadith Compiler of Islam

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Publisher/Manufacturer: INSON Film Studio; Islamic Video Productions Inc.
Product specifications: DVD - Approximate running time: 125 minutes
Item type: DVD

Product description:

This is a motion picture, biopic (biographical and historical), produced and made in Uzbekistan, here dubbed in English, about Imam Abu Abdullah Mohammed Ibn Ismail al-Bukhari.

Imam Bukhari [May Allah Bless him] compiled AUTHENTIC sayings of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]. His book “SAHIH AL-BUKHARI" is perhaps the most read book after the Noble Quran in the Muslim World. Imam Bukhari spent all his life collecting Hadiths. He developed a test program to check the authenticity and reliability of the Hadiths. With his miraculous memory, he had memorized more than 200,000 hadiths narrated by various people from the Muslim World. However through his science of scrutinizing, he selected only 7275 Hadiths as the TRUE Hadiths. May Allah shower his blessings on Imam Bukhari.


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