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Are You Ready to Die? (DVD) Siraj Wahhaj

Are You Ready to Die? (DVD) Siraj Wahhaj

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Meccacentric Da'Wah Group (2007)
Product specifications: DVD approximate running time 2 Hours and 45 minutes
Item type: Lecture DVD

Product description:

An emotional talk that reminds the Muslim, young and old, of the purpose of life and death and to not take this brief time on this Earth for granted. Imam Siraj inspires the ISNA audience to be grateful for life and to have hope for the hereafter. But at the same time, he warns about the imminence of death and to be prepared through righteousness and repentance. Imam Siraj also relates his own experience of death and teaches us how to deal with the passing of a loved one.Other topics discussed: the urgency of time, patience and perseverance, the purpose of life, fear and hope, sisters visiting graveyards, concentration in prayer, and performing good deeds.


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