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Islam, World Peace, and September 11th (DVD) Jamal Badawi

Islam, World Peace, and September 11th (DVD) Jamal Badawi

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Meccacentric Da'Wah Group (2007)
Product specifications: DVD approximate running time 1 Hours and 30 minutes
Item type: Lecture DVD

Product description:

Using a very fact-of-the-matter approach with the Iowa State University audience, Dr. Jamal Badawi presents the true Islamic viewpoints on the many pertinent issues challenging Muslims in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks. He discusses the concept of peace in Islam, the misconceptions of jihad, and how to properly combat the negative frenzy that has been cast upon the Muslim community in light of the tragedy. Dr. Badawi emphasizes that not trying to attain a peaceful means of communication and resolution of conflicts goes against the very nature of Islam. He also elaborates on the "cut-and-paste" approach to interpreting the Holy Qur'an, a tactic utilized especially by the media, whereby verses are taken completely out of their context and historical setting to incorrectly paint a violent picture of Islam. It is this "cut-and-paste" approach, as the speaker explains, that contributes to the improper understanding of the word "jihad" and the mythical concept of "holy war". Lastly, Badawi addresses the September 11th events by denouncing the horrific attacks and clearly stating that they are un-Islamic, despite the excuse that some extreme groups may use that political means may give legitimacy to the attacks. As Badawi puts it, there is no separation between religion and politics in Islam, thus to give one preference over the other is against Islam in the first place. Dr. Badawi concludes by considering the silver lining in the very dark cloud by addressing some positive things that can result out of this devastating tragedy. This lecture is absolutely essential because it brings into focus Islam's stance on terrorism and helps both Muslims and non-Muslims to understand the balanced approach to these issues. It is a presentation ideal for Muslims seeking new perspectives on how to deal with any scrutiny they may be experiencing and how to approach this very sensitive subject with co-workers, friends, and even family. For non-Muslims, it is a wonderful presentation meant to dispel the usual misconceptions that may result from a lack of knowledge and/or constant exposure to the media bias about Islam.Other topics discussed: Islamic guidelines of war, life after death, Muslims relating to the Jews and Christians, the Prophets, the diversity of the human race, and peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims.


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