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10 Great Challenges Facing Every Muslim (DVD) Abdullah Hakim Quick

10 Great Challenges Facing Every Muslim (DVD) Abdullah Hakim Quick

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Meccacentric Da'Wah Group (2007)
Product specifications: DVD approximate running time 1 Hours and 30 minutes
Item type: Lecture DVD

Product description:

We must look at ourselves internally because of the great fitnah we are going through today. Quoting the famous Qur'anic verse, "Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change that which is in them", Abdullah Hakim Quick suggests that we all have to do "house-cleaning" amongst ourselves, which is known as tajdid (the revival of Islam). A good starting point for this is a text dealing with this matter by a balanced 20th Century scholar by the name of Muhammad Al-Ameen Ash-Shanqeeti, which Sheikh Quick uses as an outline for this presentation. This respected West-African scholar provides ten great issues upon which the entire world revolves and which Muslims should be aware of if they are to begin this ambitious task of revival.Other topics discussed: native Indian/African history in America, the movie "The Siege", social issues and peer pressure, Western influences on the Muslim world, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Sheikh Quick's acceptance of Islam, movements in prayer, Allah ordaining 500 prayers a day and then reducing it to five, signs of the last day, are shi'ite considered Muslims?, being proactive before the fitnah comes, Muslims stereotyping other people, telepathic communication, how the colonizers succeeded in conquering the native Indians, and stereotyping in the media.


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