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Islam, Slavery and the African (DVD) Abdullah Hakim Quick

Islam, Slavery and the African (DVD) Abdullah Hakim Quick

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Meccacentric Da'Wah Group (2007)
Product specifications: DVD approximate running time 1 Hours and 30 minutes
Item type: Lecture DVD

Product description:

This well-known historian sheds light on the fascinating topic of African people and Islam. From the very beginning, Africa has been a continent of various religions and beliefs including monotheism. Therefore, the root definition of Islam (submission to one God) is not a new concept in Africa, and Prophet Muhammad (P) simply came to confirm this. The well-traveled and well-studied sheikh suggests that this topic must be looked at in the proper perspective so that we would not fall into stereotyping others. What was the role of slavery in the early days of Islam and what is its role today? This lecture contains vast amounts of fascinating historical information relevant for all races of people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.Other topics discussed: stereotyping, what "Islam" really means, the separation of Asia and Africa, the ancient definition of slavery, Columbus, evidence of Muslims resisting slavery in the early Americas, the present-day economic-spiritual-psychological slavery, non-Muslim scholars not using the primary sources of Islam, the connection between Muslim slaves in Haiti and Africa, and drugs being introduced into the African-American community by the C.I.A.


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