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We Love Muhammad - Life In Mecca Volume 1 (DVD)

We Love Muhammad - Life In Mecca Volume 1 (DVD)

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Publisher: Noorart Inc.
Voice: Noor Saadeh
Media: DVD
Total running time: unknown

Product description:

We proudly present Volume I of a new series available on DVD. We Love Muhammad – Life in Mecca, the life story of Muhammad, peace be upon him, most honored Prophet of Islam, beloved by all Muslims.

Captivating storyteller, Noor Saadeh, (Qur’an for Little Muslims, We Are Muslims audio series) narrates this delightful, animated storybook that chronicles the life of Prophet Muhammad (sas). Lively stories and enchanting songs accompany the visual images that both entertain and educate! From the extraordinary events that heralded his birth to the revelation of the Holy Qur’an, your kids will learn and about, and most importantly, love getting to know Prophet Muhammad (sas) and his miraculous life story!

Click here to download the demo of the DVD (~5.78 Mb).

50 Minutes running time includes:

Episode 1: The Birth of Muhammad; Life as a Special Child; Bahira and the Signs of Prophecy; Muhammad's Marriage to Khadijah.

Episode 2: Muhammad Called Al Amin; The Solution for the Black Stone; The Revelation of the Holy Qur'an.

Original Score and Story Adaptation:Noor Saadeh (We Are Muslims Series, Qur’an for Little Muslims Series, We Love Muhammad Audio).

Director:Ameed Abdelhafiz (Salam’s Journey, Salam and the Knights of Virtue, Salam and the Golden Queen).

Graphics:Vision for Art Productions.

About the ArtistNoor Saadeh has a rare and unique talent for understanding how children think and learn. Her audio series of We Are Muslims & Qur’an for Little Muslims have become classics throughout the Muslim world. Sister Noor artfully blends information and entertainment, captivating young and old alike. Audiences sit spellbound by her stories and irrepressibly tapping their toes to her songs. Each story and song is infused with her zest and enthusiasm for all things Islamic. Most importantly, children respond wholeheartedly to her sincerity and love. If it’s from Sister Noor, it’s refreshing, relevant and unique.

From A to Z;Noorart Productions are a one-man show. Ever wonder what goes into our audio series?Research; writing the story; review by Islamic scholars; composing the music; recording narration; recording instrumentation; talent search; rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal!; song recording; voice recording; sound effects; all masterfully engineered into the captivating stories and songs your children have come to love. We ask you kindly to buy only original products!


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