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Sewak SINGLE PIECE miswak stick

Sewak SINGLE PIECE miswak stick

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Manufacturer: Sewak
Product type: Miswak (natural toothbrush)
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Product description:

This is a single miswak stick, shrinkwrapped and sealed.

Imported from Saudi Arabia, this is the famous Sewak Makkah, authentic miswak all-natural "toothbrush or toothstick." The miswaak is a famous item from Islamic history and culture. Referred to in several ahadith (narrations of the Prophet, pbuh), it is a time-honored and tested tradition in excellent oral hygiene, in complement to the clean and pure lifestyle that Islam teaches its adherents to follow. Each stick is individually wrapped and sealed in modern hygienic packaging, ensuring freshness and cleanliness.

MISWAAK - twigs of certain trees that are used on a regular basis by Muslims for centuries (and all Prophets Peace upon Them) to maintain oral hygiene and gain the pleasure of Allah SWT. It is a "natural toothbrush." Not only does it provide spiritual benefits, but it is also beneficial to the everyday maintenance of one's mouth, gums, and teeth.

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