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This is Jihad  (DVD) San Diego State Univ. (Habib Ali al Jifri) 2003

This is Jihad (DVD) San Diego State Univ. (Habib Ali al Jifri) 2003

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Publisher/Manufacturer: Guidance Media
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JIHAD: Religious war? Internal struggle against the lower self?

Never has there been a maxim as controversial and misunderstood as the Islamic principle of Jihad. As the world is propelled towards globalization and the axioms of the Islamic World enter into millions of homes in the western hemisphere, it has become imperative that we seek to understand this fundamental principle of a religion that encompasses over one-sixth of the earth's population.

Islamic Scholar, Habib 'Ali al-Jifri, brings to light the reality of Jihad and precisely expounds upon the essence of this profound concept and its traditional understanding in Islam. He sheds new light on this concept, all the while bringing his audience to life as he engages them in scholarly discourse and walks them down the path of true understanding.


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