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A Taste of Turkish Cuisine (Nur Ilkin)

A Taste of Turkish Cuisine (Nur Ilkin)

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ISBN: 0781809487
Author: Nur Ilkin
Publisher: Hippocrene Books (2002)
Pages: 275 Binding: Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Description from the publisher:

The traditional dishes featured in A Taste of Turkish Cuisine make use of a variety of beans, grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and, of course, yogurt, one of Turkey's most important contributions to international cuisine. Simple yet rich in flavors, Turkish cuisine resounds of its varied influences, which range from Chinese and Mongolian to Persian and Greek. A history of Turkey's culinary traditions accompanies the 187 recipes, as well as glossaries of commonly used ingredients and Turkish cooking terms."In Turkey we talk about individuals with `tasty hands,'" writes Nur Ilkin. "This implies that they have wonderful recipes and are excellent cooks. I hope you will find that I have `tasty hands' and I hope you will acquire some `tasty hands' by preparing my recipes."

About the AuthorNur Ilkin, wife of the former Ambassador of Turkey to the United States, learned the secrets of Turkish cooking from her grandmother, but really began to cook once she had to entertain guests of the Turkish embassy. She and her husband are now back in Turkey, where she works with the Executive Committee of Turkey's Foreign Ministry Wives Association.Sheilah Kaufman is a traveling cooking instructor, food writer, lecturer, and author of 24 cookbooks, including Sephardic Israeli Cuisine (Hippocrene Books, 2002) and Simply Irresistible: Easy, Elegant, Fearless, Fussless Cooking. She is the online food editor for Jewish Women International and is a contributing food editor for Cape Gazette and Washington Jewish Week. Sheilah is also an active member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and Les Dames d'Escoffier International.


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