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Muhammad: Blessing for Mankind

Muhammad: Blessing for Mankind

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Author: Afzalur Rahman
Publisher: Seerah Foundation, London
Pages: 337 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Muhammad was thus a true example of a perfect man. He lived the life of an ordinary man. He helped the poor, orphans, and widows. He was kind to the weak and hospitable to strangers and travelers. He suffered from all but harmed none. He was affectionate and loving towards his friends, and forgiving and merciful towards his enemies. In short, all goodness and all excellence seem to have combined in the person of Muhammad. Muhammad's life is a perfect model and example for people to follow to attain goodness, piety and success in their individual as well as social life. People can seek Light from his Message and Guidance from his life: the two are the eternal sources of guidance for men (and women) in their struggle to achieve perfection in the moral, spiritual, and social areas of life. He has set very high and noble ideals through his practical example for all mankind to follow in every field of life.


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