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How To Be Your Child's Doctor (sometimes) (Dr. A.S. Hashim, M.D.)

How To Be Your Child's Doctor (sometimes) (Dr. A.S. Hashim, M.D.)

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ISBN: 0961113200
Author: Dr. A.S. Hashim, M.D.
Publisher: A.S. Hashim
Pages: 543 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Ease the decision of whether to treat at home or to contact the physician with this, the first home medical guide to clarify common childhood illnesses. A clear, quick reference in simple layperson's language. This book will take its place among the standard references on child care. Symptoms of common childhood ailments are distinguished from signals of more complicated disorders. Home remedies as well as medical treatments that can be administered simply at home are offered; always, preventive measures are stressed.


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