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The Day Of Judgement: Our Unalienable Responsibility (Syed Mukarram)

The Day Of Judgement: Our Unalienable Responsibility (Syed Mukarram)

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ISBN: 9780578772226
Author: Syed Mukarram
Pages: 51 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

REPARE FOR JUDGEMENT DAY AND RELISH IN BLISS FOR ALL ETERNITYIf you could pick one reason you could rejoice to hear, what would it be? Would you prefer hitting the lottery, living your life free of any hassle, relying on the Faith of your children to ensure yourself and your family a better living opportunity, spent in God's light...Or would you prefer to hear the God you believe in accepting you and welcoming you to His side? Doesn't matter what your religion is, there will come a moment for all humanity where we will be called to answer for each one of our actions. The way we go on about our lives, and the choices we take every day are bound to deeply influence the place where we will one day be. Everybody on Earth, deep down, knows this… And that our souls will one day be held accountable, no matter what Higher Authority you believe in.So what about the famously talked about Judgment Day? When will it come, and how do we effectively prepare for it?There will come a time when we will all stand before a Judge, and undergo a judging process that will forever change the future of humanity. For every moment of our life, every act of commission or omission, every decision or indecision, we will give an account...And this is all necessary! Without any possible excuses, we will have to talk about love, betrayal, graces, missed opportunities, and everything we did to our world, our peers, and our own self.


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