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  Bilali Muhammad's Meditations: : Sapelo Island, Georgia 1770-1857

Bilali Muhammad's Meditations: : Sapelo Island, Georgia 1770-1857

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Author: Muhammed a Al-Ahari and Muhammed Abdullah Al-Ahari
Binding: Paperback Description from the publisher:

The text that you hold in your hands is a translation of the unique work on Islamic Law and Beliefs by Bilali Muhammad (1770s-1857) of Sapelo Island, Georgia. This includes a biography of Bilali Muhammad, a translation of his writings, a list of words from the Gullah dialect of English from him and other early Muslims, a description of the education system he studied under and the texts he studied, and a discussion placing Bilali's work in the context of Islam in the West and the effects of the slave trade. This grandfather of American Islamic Literature needs to be further studied and this work starts the process. This description may be from another edition of this product.


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