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The Tracing Qur'an: Word for Word Translation (Juz 30) Ibn Daud (Softcover)

The Tracing Qur'an: Word for Word Translation (Juz 30) Ibn Daud (Softcover)

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ISBN: 9781838049287
Author: Ibn Daud (compiler, editor)
Publisher: Ibn Daud Books (2023)
Pages: 77 Binding: Paperback 8.25" x 11.6" x 0.25"

Description from the publisher:

Pretty much anybody with the enthusiasm to pick up a pen will be able to unearth the inner workings of the Quran and its deeper treasures. Through tracing the verses, they will gain the tools to appreciate the Quran and its teachings in a lasting personal way.

This is a stimulating journey, and its starting point rests on using the pen, the very instrument that Allah Almighty (swt) places centrally in His first revelation to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

"Read: Your Lord is most Generous. He who taught by the pen, taught man that which he knew not." [Surat al-Alaq 96:3-5]

The Tracing Quran includes:

  • A reminder of the importance of engaging with the Quran
  • The virtues of engaging with the Quran by way of tracing and writing
  • An approach to tracing or writing the Quran
  • A comprehensive translation alongside a word-for-word translation (The Clear Quran by Dr. Mustafa Khattab), so that the enthusiast can gain an understanding of the Quran as they trace.
  • Practice sheets and checklists to help the user track their progress and make solid preparations towards creating their own beautiful copy of Juz 30.

    About the Team --

    Ibn Daud of Ibn Daud Books has collaborated with Azkar Elsheikh Obied, an Architectural Designer, alongside Irfan Chhatbar of Brandboard Creative, Malwana AMaan Muhammad, a Graduate of Darul Uloom Leicester and student of Shaykh Ayyub Surti, as well as Mustafa Abid Russell as Editor, and the support of Ammaarah and Muhammad Ali Parekh, to produce 'Juz 30' of 'The Tracing Qur'an Series'.

    Table of Contents:

    The Importance of Engaging with the Qur'an

    The Virtues of Engaging with the Qur'an by way of Tracing & Writing

    An Approach to Tracing or Writing the Qur'an

    Tracing, Writing & Memorisation Checklist

    Practice your Tracking & Writing

    Surah An Naba

    Surah An Nazi'at

    Surah Abasa

    Surah At Takwir

    Surah Al Infitar

    Surah Al Mutaffifin

    Surah Al Inshiqaq

    Surah Al Buru

    Surah At Tariq

    Surah Al A'la

    Surah Al Ghashiyah

    Surah Al Fajr

    Surah Al Balad

    Surah Ash Shams

    Surah Al Lail

    Surah Ad Duha

    Surah Ash Sharh

    Surah At Tin

    Surah Al Alaq

    Surah Al Qadr

    Surah Al Bayyinah

    Surah Az Zalzalah

    Surah Al Adiyat

    Surah Al Qari'ah

    Surah At Takathur

    Surah Al Asr

    Surah Al Humazah

    Surah Al Fil

    Surah Quraysh

    Surah Al Ma'un

    Surah Al Kawthar

    Surah Al Kafirun

    Surah An Nasr

    Surah Al Masad

    Surah Al Ikhlas

    Surah Al Falaq

    Surah An Nas


    The Tracing Qur'an Team

    0.32" H x 11.65" L x 8.11" W

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