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The Ultimate Treasure : Stories for Juzz `Amma (Surahs 102-114) Dr. Sana Imtiaz Khan (Ages 8 to 12+)

The Ultimate Treasure : Stories for Juzz `Amma (Surahs 102-114) Dr. Sana Imtiaz Khan (Ages 8 to 12+)

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ISBN: 9781597849623
Author: Dr. Sana Imtiaz Khan; Sara Nikforouz (illustrator)
Publisher: Tughra Books (2024)
Pages: 211 Binding: Paperback 8 x 10.5 inches

Description from the publisher:

During a homeschooling session about Qur'an tafsir, Dr. Sana Khan's then 8-year-old son spoke the three words that are a bane of every parent's existence, "I'm bored." Perhaps if on that afternoon he had spoken any other words, the stories you hold in your hands would not have come into existence. That very night, as a result of divine inspiration, the first of these stories was penned.

Each story combines literary fiction elements that make reading so appealing to young minds -- relatable characters, complex plots, real-world and age-appropriate challenges -- and contextualizes them within the central message of each Surah in Juz' Amma. An immersive reading experience thus becomes infused with the best kind of knowledge -- that of the book of Allah. A short quiz is provided after each story to assess the child's understanding of the main concepts in the Surah, serving as an effective marker of progress.

About the Author --

Dr. Sana Khan is a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician and mother of two elementary school-aged sons, both of whom she homeschools. Reading and writing literature have been Dr. Khans lifelong passions, and she is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard University. Her biggest goal is to use her writing for the sake of Allah, helping design resources to enable Muslim parents to teach their children about Islam in a manner that is lighthearted, engaging, and effective. To deepen her knowledge of Islam, she is also currently enrolled in an Alimiyyah (Islamic Scholarship) Program and prays to Allah to make this knowledge beneficial for herself and others. 

Dr. Khan has been committed to designing and sharing Islamically-integrated teaching resources since she started homeschooling. She continues to share her materials with her virtual homeschooling community on Facebook (@ihsanacademyhomeschool) and also makes them available for download on her website ( 


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